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Gua Silabur


So long long time ago, the Bidayuh people here will have this harvest festive celebrate once every year. On one harvest festive celebration night, there is an old man who live in the village. The old man have one grandchildren who stay together with him. For the kid parent is nowhere to be found after they went out for food, some say they were killed by the head hunters, some say they were eaten by animal.

On that festive celebration night, the old man was eating Kasam Ikan (a local food which they marinade the raw fish with rice and salt, put all this in a tight jar, leave it in a dark corner for a month or so and eat it), but one of the village people mix the fish with the rubber tree fruits to play a joke with the old man.

The old man eventually ate the rubber fruits too, and got laugh by the village people. And the old man called his dog, he tied a bell on the leg of the dog, and asked the dog to bark at the village people. The dog starts to chase after them, and due to the bell, the old man knew where his dog is.

But all of a sudden the sound of the bell is gone, complete silenced. The old man kept on calling the dog to come back, but it never return. The old man cried, and while his crying, the sky start to rain. The wired thing is the sky rain rocks instead of water rain drops.

The rain becomes heavier, and soon when they know it, the rocks has then form the mount, and also the cave.

So this is how the legend of the Silabur cave came from.